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The advantage of the All in One Solar Street Light
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  • Date : 2020-08-05

All in One Solar Street Light ( can be also called Integrated solar street light , Compact solar street light , Smart solar street light ) is the combination of latest LED technology and lithium battery as well as solar panel. It wisely choose the lithium battery replace the lead-acid battery, so can integrates the solar panel, led, controller and battery in one box . With this compact design, it can be easily to shipped and installed.

All in one solar street light used the motion sensor to saving the energy. With the sensor, it can works with 100% power for max 2 mins when people coming, then dim to 0-100% power after people go away. It is an ideal way to saving the energy maximized, which is very important in the solar lights.

All in one solar street light also used LiFePo4 lithium battery to prolonging the life-span and improving the quality. LiFePo4 lithium battery is one of the best lithium battery now for it high efficiency (97%), long life-span (about 2000s recycle times) and good performance at high temperature. That is why the electric cars and the all in one solar lights  choose this battery.

All in one solar street light can be used for garden lighting, farm lighting, path lighting and street lighting. It is very suitable to the projects which does not require long time or continues high brightness. It is more suitable to the regions where there is strong and long time sunshine all the year around. If sunshine is very efficient and no need high brightness, all in one solar street light is your best choice.


So the main advantages:

*Stand alone, not connected to grid
*Huge savings on electricity cost
*Protection from rising electricity cost
*Freedom from power outages
*Zero Maintenance and Operational cost
*No external wires so no threat of accidents like electrocution or overheating
*Longer Lifespan – Solar Panels can last up to 25 years, while LED lights can last up to 8 years
*Environment-friendly – Solar power is clean, renewable and free energy
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